Over the years, EMA has built relationships between our company and the manufacturers we represent. Distributors rely on us as a valued resource as we solve challenges through innovative and cost-effective solutions. We represent all of our manufacturers with the utmost personal honesty and integrity.

EMA is currently partnered with the following manufacturers

United Enertech HVAC Logo

United Enertech

Dampers | Fire, Backdraft, Smoke | Fire Dampers | Louvers | Smoke Dampers | VAV Terminals
Tutco HVAC Logo


Electric Duct Heaters

TPI Test Products International

Bluetooth test equipment | Combustion Analyzers | Gas Leak Detectors | Manometers | Test Instruments
Tjernlund HVAC Logo


Axial Duct Fans | Backdraft Dampers | Booster Fans | Combustion Air Fans | Crawlspace Ventilators | Destratification Fans | Garage Fans | In-Line Fans | Radon Fans | Residential Fans | Room Air Transfer Fans | Side Wall Vent Systems

Specific Systems

Explosion Proof Air Conditioning | Explosion Proof Heaters | Packaged Wall Mounted Industrial AC
Baseboards | Cabinet Unit Heaters | Electric Unit Heaters | Explosion Proof Heaters | High Intensity Infared | Infrared | Gas, Electric | Low Intensity Infrared | Make Up Air Units | Tube Heaters | Low Intensity | Unit Heaters | Electric, Hot Water, Natural Gas, Propane
Ice Air HVAC Logo

Ice Air

Cabinet Unit Heaters | FCU | Hybrid WCAC | PTAC Units | SPAC | VTAC | Vertical PTAC | WSHP | Water Source Heat Pump | Commercial, Residential
H2O Elite Labs HVAC Logo


Hard Water Solutions
Delta HVAC Logo

Delta breez

Bath Fans
Colmac Coil HVAC Logo

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc

Coils | Hot Water Coils | Refrigeration Coils

American Coolair

Axial Duct Fans | Bath Fans | Commercial Fans | Exhaust Fans | Fans | Inline, Upblast, Downblast, Bath, Wall, Propeller | Gravity Venters | Roof Ventilators | Ventilation | Ventilators | Wall Fans
Aldes HVAC Manufacturer Logo


Backdraft Dampers | ERV | HRVs | Residential
Bath Fans | Commercial Fans | Dampers | Fire, Backdraft, Smoke | Direct Outside Air System (DOAS) | ERV | Exhaust Fans | Fans | Inline, Upblast, Downblast, Bath, Wall, Propeller | Fire Dampers | Gravity Venters | Grilles | Humidifiers | In-Line Fans | Louvers | Louvers & Dampers | Make Up Air Units | Roof Ventilators | Smoke Dampers | Terminal Units | VAV Terminals | Ventilation | Ventilators | Wall Fans

Advanced Air

UV Lights